What We Do


Activities with Banks & Financial Institutions:

  • To inspire and monitor the banks and financial Institutions to follow and implement the Green Banking Policies of Bangladesh Bank related to renewable energy at remote customer level.
  • To inspire Banks and Financial Institutions for using energy efficient products inside their banks like LED lights, Solar ATM booth, Solar in their remote & urban branch instead of generator, uses of less paper, more use of day light in their all branches, use Rain Water Harvesting Systems and Roof top gardening in the Bank.
  • To inspire banks for providing loans/finance to Solar & Renewable Energy related products/industries and energy efficient products/industries and supervise the financial & technical feasibility on behalf of Bangladesh Bank for getting the Refinancing fund.
  • Arrange the training programme for inspiring the personnel of Banks for better understanding of renewable energy products.
  • Arrange Carbon Benefit Awards for the institutions who are using renewable energy products and provide finance to renewable energy & energy efficient products.


Activities with Universities, Schools & Educational Institutions:

  • Motivate the authorities of the Universities, Collage & Schools for using renewable energy and energy efficient product in their institutions.12734080_232498627095580_6149406385004009643_n
  • Arrange talks and training programme for building awareness of the teachers & students for using renewable energy & energy efficient product and changing the life style.
  • Affiliate various renewable energy courses with the foreign universities and arrange scholarship and job for the students.